Target direction, leading load, the tacit understanding trust, risk-sharing.   
The company advocates the wild goose team spirit. To create the most competitive automobile fitting enterprise is our common goal. In the process of achieving this goal, every one of loyalty to his own team, carry heavy burden, to fulfill their potential, by heart, be a "leader" in the team; To trust each other, understanding, dedicated, unity is strength, in the fierce market competition to the wind blow the wave of it, overcome difficult, finally in the realization of enterprise development strategic goal and realize their life values.   
To keep pace with The Times, continuous innovation, spanning development, beyond the self.
Continuous innovation is the source of enterprise survival and development, and the power, to create the most competitive in thick plate products enterprise, must build strong innovation atmosphere, always support staff innovation, technology innovation, innovation management, innovation system, innovation environment; For innovation in the work of failure, to understand, tolerance, should encourage more, make innovation a germplasm, a kind of spirit, a kind of fashion.
High standard and refinement, zero defect
Quality is the basic requirement of the enterprise to the worker, the worker basic working attitude. High standard is the premise condition, refinement is the basic requirement, zero defect is the ultimate goal. The three interlocking, be short of one cannot.